Our Vision
All who seek recovery will find it and the stigma of addiction will be overcome.

                                                                       Our Values
               Treat the whole person.
               Treat every person with dignity and respect.
               Continue a commitment to the fellowship of Christ.
               Be of service.
               Remain open to innovation.
2012 Wilderness Deliverance Camp Graduate
2012 Arkansas Adult Education
2012 South Arkansas Community College Enrollee
Steve (on left with Daryl Nelson, Pastor)
2010 Wilderness Deliverance Camp Graduate
Small Business Owner
You are invited to come and ride off into the sunset of a new life: one that will employ values, self-worth, discipline and freedom from the stigma of addiction.
You are not Just a Client
The camp is run like a family, not an institution. Your recovery matters and our family-type setting will make you feel right at home. 
  Phone: (870) 748-2514
e-Mail: office@wildernessdeliverancecamp.com