There are various horses, cows, dogs and other animals to love and care for. We are able to utilize the animals and care given to them as a therapeutic tool, which encourages physical, psychological, social and educational growth.

Participants are instructed in riding skills and take part in numerous therapeutic activities with the animals. The therapeutic benefits are both mental and physical with improved self-worth and competence, mastery of skills and processing thinking patterns.

Many disciples bond with specific horses or other animals, helping them throughout their stay. They take on the role of caregiver for these animals and, as they work together, a relationship builds on trust, honesty, and respect. Sometimes this is the first true relationship of give and take that a person develops. Once that bond has formed, there is nothing in the world that can match it.

Out on the ranch you are much more than just a client! You will be treated with the highest level of respect, making you feel right home - like family. Your recovery matters!
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