The Wilderness Deliverance Camp truly began with a simple man of God. That man is Daryl R. Nelson, the founder and visionary of this and other ministries. At thirty years of age, Daryl received an insight from the Lord. This saving grace experience changed his life. Being an entrepreneur, he immediately closed many of his businesses and went off to Bible College.

After finishing Bible College, he went to the inner-city of New Orleans. There he brought faith and hope to a depressed inner-city. Quickly he found that drug and substance abuse were a major problem. Thus he started the Timothy House  and Mary Magdalene House.

Turning the New Orleans ministry over to a young man that Daryl trained gave him the chance to return to his South Arkansas roots. Seventeen years ago the Wilderness Deliverance Camp was established.
Pastor applies all the things he has learned in his thirty-eight years of biblical counseling at the Wilderness Deliverance Camp. Daryl grew up as a cowboy: rodeo-ing & ranching. His down home practical horse sense approach to addiction deliverance is very refreshing. He is a straight shooter with a world of experience and special anointing from the Lord for deliverance.
  Phone: (870) 748-2514